More from John Kelly’s collection


collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly

John Kelly’s son wonders who is F/L Talbot.


12 thoughts on “More from John Kelly’s collection

  1. F/L Talbot is possibly Bryan Talbot, the grandfather of my wife. He was born in 1916 and died in 2008 and was the owner of the Aston Estate in Cheshire. I believe prior to joining 68 squadron he was part of the not very successful Turbinlite squadrons who flew Douglas Havocs with a giant searchlights to illuminate enemy bombers for the fighters to aim at!

    1. Indeed, F/L. Talbot is the mentioned Bryan Hervey Talbot, he is my Grandad. I recognised his handwriting on the pilots notes straight away. He always spoke with an affection when talking of the ‘Mosquito’. He had done some motor racing before the war so I think it is fair to say he had a thing for speed which would have suited the ‘Mossie’. A true Gentleman.

      1. Thanks for your comment.
        John Kelly’s son has not continued sharing pictures and documents. I could not add more about his father’s tenure with the RAF.

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