More amazing detective work… Really?

I am just curious and then I share what I have found.

My good friend John commented with this

More amazing detective work, as usual. And also, “as usual”, I was so saddened to see just how young Ensign Grinndal was. So, so sad.

This is what I replied…

This story is not by all means over John.
It first started in 2010 with my quest for Eugène Gagnon, a Mosquito pilot with 23 Squadron.
My blogs are not meant to be read, but found like Gunnar Kelly did two weeks ago.
Then when people want to share their little bit of history, I start writing about it because I know that down the line someone will find a lost loved one.
That’s my mission John, and I know you feel the same way just by reading your blog.

As a footnote I just found the reference about 68 Squadron I was looking for here.

RAF 68 Squadron


3 thoughts on “More amazing detective work… Really?

  1. Actually, I suppose you are right Pierre. When I write up my researches, the biggest thrill is when somebody makes a connection, no matter how tenuous. No long lost relatives as yet, but I did find a couple of people who had lived in a house in Nottingham that I had mentioned, and somebody whose own great grandfather had lived what I took to be just a few streets away from my Grandad in Toronto before World War One. I need to keep at it, don’t I? “Write it and they will come!”

    1. If you write they will come…

      Every week there is a contact made, and I am just as thrilled as the first contact made back in 2008.

  2. That’s a fascinating document, I shall have to come back later and read it properly. Finding those links is a real thrill, to put the jigsaw together and see the final picture is so rewarding.

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