Who remembers Donald Hepworth Bentley?

How I came to write about this Mosquito pilot…?


A comment left on this blog November 29, 2013.

I have just located this site on my iPad. My relative, Donald Hepworth Bentley, was a Flight Sergeant with 23 Squadron based at Luca in Malta. His navigator was a Sergeant Causeway. They were both killed September 1943 and are buried together in the cemetery in San Marino. The grave has the propeller from the Mosquito mounted on it.

I have photos if any one interested.
They were 23 years old and had trained in Canada.

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photo 3

Collection  Paul Guy


Tom Hardy and Sophie, Paul Guy’s daughter

Collection  Tom Hardy and Sophie Guy

How I got this picture?

A comment made last week…

Hi Pierre,

This was taken a couple of days ago. Sophie is the daughter of Paul Guy whose uncle was Donald Bentley, I see that he sent some photos and information regarding Donald previously. Sophie is with her husband Tom, my son. Was so pleased that they made the effort to remember him. They also did their best to choose flowers that were in Donald’s footbal team colours – Claret and Amber, Bradford City (he was from Wyke, a district of Bradford).

Best wishes and regards.

Tim Hardy



5 thoughts on “Who remembers Donald Hepworth Bentley?

  1. Hi

    My name is Paula Dawtrey. 11th November inspired me to search the Internet for Uncle Donald (who I never met.) my Grandma was Hilda, sister of Alice. I have many happy memories of visiting Auntie Alice and Uncle Harry in Wyke. That picture was a prominently displayed in the Dining room. My Father was Gordon Hey, Donald’s Cousin. Only a short time ago, my son and I talked about visiting San Marino and I find relatives already have. How lovely.

  2. No my granddad was in 23 squadron Richard dickie bird can’t find any info tho could you possibly remember him

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