Who remembered W/O K.V. ‘Scappa’ Rann?

Scappa’s cousin sending me an email to find an answer…

My cousin WO1 ‘Scappa’ Rann appears in your photos in Sardinia. Why was he called ‘Scappa’? The family album shows him leaning on a Nissan Hut similar to the officers one previous….wearing a Sidcot? suit. Must be England, eh?


George Stewart also did remember W/O K.V.Rann in 2010.

‘Scappa’ W/O.K.V.Rann, a squadron navigator who flew with Lt. J.H.Christie, of the Dutch Airforce, is on my right, and Paul to his right.

In 2010 I had sent an e-mail to George Stewart. He had answered back and he had insisted I called him George. I was not the kind of guy to argue with a Mosquito pilot…

George had identified most of the airmen on the pictures that Paul Beaudet’s daughter had sent me. Paul Beaudet was George’s navigator on all his 50 missions. They never suffered any injuries. I would venture to say that they were each other’s good luck charm.

Getting back to the photographs, I had first believed that these pictures were taken at Luqa, Malta, but George had told me they were taken in Alghero in Sardinia and also in Naples, Italy.

This was the first picture I had posted before.

This is what George Stewart had written…

Here were his answers…

This photo shows my navigator F/O J. R. Paul Beaudet, beside F/L J. (Jackie) Curd, a squadron pilot who flew with his navigator F/S P.H.Devlin.

This photo shows me with F/O A.L. (Al) Berry, a squadron navigator, whose pilot was P/O R. A. (Ron) Neil, both members of the RNZAF.

The other officer on the left side of the photo escapes my memory for now, but I think he was our engineering officer. This shot was taken in Naples, and you can see Mount Vesuvius in the background.

We landed here off the Italian cruiser Garibaldi, which sailed us here from Cagliary, Sardinia, after we found out that the squadron was going back to the U.K., in the spring of 1944.

We sailed from here to Liverpool on the Strathnaver.

The picture shows a few of us in Sassari (Sardinia), a city close to our base at Alghero in Sardinia, (after we did a bit of shopping. I bought a lovely small oil painting, for 800 lire).

In the dark battledress to my right, is F/O Ken Eastwood’s navigator F/L G.T.(Griff) Rogers.

‘Scappa’ W/O. K.V.Rann, a squadron navigator who flew with Lt. J.H.Christie, of the Dutch Airforce, is on my right, and Paul to his right.

I’m not sure about the chap in the top picture with his right arm around my navigator Paul, but it may come to me later; it may have been taken a the #1 B.P.D. tent camp in Algiers.

Paul Beaudet and the Vesuvius of course.

Al Berry again, likely taken the same day as the photo on page 1, in Naples.

Please leave a comment if you know why W/O Rann’s nickname was Scappa?


Scappa Rann



13 thoughts on “Who remembered W/O K.V. ‘Scappa’ Rann?

    • Rest for sure John we will get to the bottom of this one day. Block it off until then John… Scappa…Scappa…Scappa…

    • Hi John.
      Sorry to add to your churning. My Dad Flt./ Lt. E.F. Rann’s brother to Scappa’s father George did not speak much about aircrew, having passed out in test diving in a Wellington trying to become a Navigator in the 40s. Anyway he survived to become Flt/Lt in wartime Britain which is no mean feat for us who was here, myself digging for victory age 7 after the Blitz on Hackney Lunnon. Anyway at close of hostilities Dad applied for Control Commission posting in Germany giving up his safe job with Shell Oil. Anyway the MOs found he had Diabetes Type Finish, so to St. Bartholomews hospital Lunnon (Doctor Black) to have his pancreas cut out. Success! And back to Shell 1946. Anyway he lived to age 85 on injections only to succumb to MRSA in Stevenage. As you know Douglas Bader (123 Squadron) was also employed at Shell Oil after hostilities and Dad was not impressed;who knows?;they both had sports cars and maybe there was a falling out over parking spaces outside that famous cafe in Surrey. Anyway Ma (Elsie Maud) worked at Hendon Dog Track in the 30s so we got to see the Hendon Air Displays at reduced rates.I always remember them radial engines on display but my own fortune (brain wise) is due to the 250cc MZ 2 stroke motor cycle engine (Dresden) bombed by our RAF in the 40s;a cruel world so far, eh Ray..

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