Who remembers?

From a message in my inbox from Cliff Adams, 418 Squadron Association Historian…

F/Sgt H. E. D. Tilby an observer  who was transferred from 23 Squadron RAF to 418 Squadron RCAF. F/Sgt Tilby was lost in April of 1942 shortly after joining 418 Squadron. You may be interested in this story as it certainly fills in some of the early intruder work done by 23 Squadron.

To this…

Hello Pierre,

Have attached a couple of photos for you.

In the crew photo my Uncle is on the right, in the centre is the pilot, Flt/Lt A.J. (Jack) Love and on the left is F/Sgt Malcolm Bunting their Air Gunner.

1 - His Crew

I believe this photo to have been taken while they were still with 23 Squadron, although the nose recognition letter on the Boston/Havoc behind them is indistinguishable. My family did not receive any photos from Harry while he was with 418, so I’m 99.9% certain they are with 23 here.

The other photos are self-explanatory.



They are buried together in Montdidier, northern France along with several other R.A.F and R.C.A.F. aircrew shot down in the area. Montdidier itself was a Luftwaffe base with Heinkel 111s of Luftflotte 2 stationed there.

Kind regards,



One thought on “Who remembers?

  1. F/Sgt H.E.D. Tilby RAF – 418 Sqn -2-3/4/42 – Harry Tilby, crashed near Montdidier, France, buried Montdidier French National cemetery

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