Preserving the Past – 12 August, 1941 – No.5 I.T.W. (Initial Training Wing) 4 Squadron

Hopkins, Myself, Sheppard, Cpl Shuttleworth (P.T.I.), Green, Thompson
12 August, 1941 – 5 I.T.W. 4 Squadron

Collection Theo Griffiths DFC (courtesy Richard Cooper)


4 thoughts on “Preserving the Past – 12 August, 1941 – No.5 I.T.W. (Initial Training Wing) 4 Squadron

  1. Excerpt


    My father, Kenneth Fenton, was a Blenheim pilot who flew the forgotten bomber of the forgotten force of Bomber Command, who became a Prisoner of War, one who continued to serve his Country, one of many never to receive the true accolade that they deserved but who kept his story secret to his grave.

    Warrant Officer, Kenneth Fenton; Service No. 1053472
    POW No. 39204. Born 18th July 1920, died 19th November 1976.

    I was just 18 when my Father died, too wrapped up in myself to either ask or respect what my Father went through during the war. Of course, I knew he was in the RAF and was a POW, I think I knew he flew Blenheim’s but he certainly had a great respect for the Mosquito. It was easy to imagine what he went through as the film ‘The Great Escape’ was popular, shown every Christmas and Easter, and I believed or wanted to believe he was involved but had no knowledge of this or proof. My Father never spoke of it – this was the romantic side of being a Prisoner of War in Germany.

    We watched the ‘Great Escape’ and ‘The Dam Busters’ together – both brought tears to my Father’s eye in equal quantities but he scoffed at the inaccuracies of both that either period films, through censorship and hiding the detail, or Hollywood produced however I never forget the reaction when in the ‘The Great Escape’ they notified the prisoners of the execution of the 50, it was as though he was back in Stalag Luft VI – total revulsion.

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