Third from the left…

Left to Right:

Wg Cdr A M ‘Sticky’ Murphy,

Flt Lt J Curd,

Fg Off J L Joynson,

Flt Lt D J Griffiths,

Sqn Ldr Phil Russell,

Fg Off A C Cockayne,

Flt Lt T A ‘Tommy’ Smith,

Fg Off E L Heath,

WO K V ‘Scarper’ Rann,

Flt Lt R J Reid,

Flt Lt W ‘Bill’ Gregory,

Lt J H Christie NAF,

Plt Off G S ‘George’ Sutcliffe,

Fg Off D J Atherton,

Flt Sgt F D ‘Freddie’ Howes,

Fg Off J R ‘Paul’ Beaudet RCAF,

Plt Off R Neil RNZAF,

Flt Sgt J H Chessel,

Fg Off A L Berry RNZAF,

Flt Sgt Alex Wilson,

Flt Sgt Don Francis,

Flt Lt ‘Buddy’ Badley,

Flt Sgt T ‘Tommy’ Barr,

Fg Off K M ‘Kit’ Cotter RNZAF,

Flt Sgt J W Thompson,

Flt Sgt P H ‘Jock’ Devlin,

Flt Sgt J ‘Jimmy’ Weston,

Fg Off J E Spetch,

Flt Lt T A ‘Tommy’ Ramsay RNZAF,

Flt Sgt E C ‘Benny’ Goodman,

Flt Sgt J ‘Jimmy’ Gawthorne,

Flt Sgt S F ‘Sid’ Smith.

Source of caption

Third from the left

Third from the left… Flight Lieutenant “Johnny” Joynson


6 thoughts on “Third from the left…

  1. Great post and I loved the additional post from Ms. Harrington – had to laugh…
    “It’s spooky at night in the ‘blackout’, like a setting for Sherlock Holmes. They even drive on the wrong side of the road. Thank goodness runways don’t have two lanes! How about those English expressions? They call flashlights ‘torches’, gas ‘petrol’, tires are ‘tyres’, batteries ‘accumulators’, crashes ‘prangs’……”

      1. I just remembered that I read this in a magazine in 2012.
        Great to read it again.
        Even better after 5 years.
        I met George in 2011 for 5 hours!

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