The Journey in the Past of a Father

I got a message last week. It was sent as a reply to my featured post How to search this blog?

I found one photo of my father but it would be good to find others. Dad was a pilot who flew in all theatres…

Being curious I asked for more information.

Dad was named Robert Bruce but commonly known as Bruce Madge. He trained during The Battle of Britain. He joined 23 Squadron and flew Havocs, I think Bde and then intruder. He served in Great Britain, Malta, North Africa, Italy, and finally in Europe flying from bases in Britain. He talked of Manston, Little Snoring and High Ercall. At one time he had flown so many OPS that he was put on training Polish flyers on Mossies. He did have a photo album but when I spotted a picture of him with a navigator standing beside a Mossie with German swastikas on the nose, the album disappeared. I understand his flying hours were such that he was up for a DFC but another man in 23 received it. He was not a great believer in medals and did not talk a great deal about his experiences. He loved flying. I found a photo of him in a group near wreckage when they were in Italy. This was by chance. He is right at the back second from right and was about 22 or 23. I will send this.


Bruce Madge

Collection Robert Bruce Madge commonly known as Bruce Madge


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