Remembrance Day 2018

This blog is all about remembering the Fallen.

I found this message in my inbox this morning as I was cleaning it up.

Hello, thanks for your wonderful blog. Nothing about Captain D. Porter and Lieut. W.H. Rogers? They died on February 6, 1944 near my town (Reggio Emilia).

I felt it was important to follow up on it. I did not have anything about this crew so I asked for more information.

The reply was as fast as a Mosquito!

Mosquito FB-VI serial HJ674, 23 Squadron, lost in an intruder mission over SORBOLO (Province of Parma), from ALGHERO, in the night of February 6,1944. Crew F/Lt (64901) David Leslie PORTER (pilot) RAFVR – PoW and F/O (147669) William Herbert ROGERS (nav.) RAFVR – killed.

This is how I still start…

I know some of my readers might help with this.

11 thoughts on “Remembrance Day 2018

  1. I doubt you will need help, Pierre, but I wish you the best. This is the time for Remembrance. (despite the fact that you and I do that all year long!)

    1. November is always a busy month on my blogs since people are looking for the Fallen. William Herbert Rogers needs to be remembered as well as his pilot who because a POW. I know you will be following all this.

  2. William Herbert Rogers was born on April 8, 1920, in Teignmouth, Devon, England. His father was William Morrott Rogers and his mother was Ellen Elizabeth Passmore. He had one brother and two sisters. He died on February 6, 1944, in Italy at the age of 23.

  3. No.23 (F) Squadron

    The squadron arrived at Alghero on the 7th of December 1943 with their de Havilland Mosquito F.B.Mk.VI’s. While at Alghero, the squadron maintained a detachment at Blida, Algeria. The squadron took up residency at R.A.F. Station Little Snoring, Norfolk effective the 2nd of June 1944.

  4. Today I remember my Great Uncle Lt Lindsay Carlton Powell who flew with 23 Sqn RFC. He was killed in action whilst flying over the Cambrai Road in FE2b No 5235. He was the observer in the front of this pusher engined plane which was flown by 2nd Lt Allen. They were attacked by several Fokkers from behind and as Allen tilted the plane down so Powell could shoot back over the wing from the front mounted gun, Powell was hit in the head by enemy fire. Allen brought the plane down, but Powell died that day on the ground. He now lies in Avenses Le Comte Cemetery. Lindsay was the only son Henry James Powell and Margaret Carlton. He joined the Scots Greys before being attached to 23 sqd RFC. He was born in 1895 and lived in Brixton and he died aged 21. By a previous marriage to Elizabeth Shapland, Henry James Powell had another son, Henry Shapland Powell, my grandfather who served in the First Word War in Gallipoli and Egypt – and survived. Lest we Forget….

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