Little Snoring

Last year, I knew nothing about Eugène Gagnon. Pat Rooney’s caricature of “Gene” And certainly nothing about Little Snoring. Want to know more on the base where Eugene Gagnon flew all his missions except one…? Click here. Lest We Forget Picture courtesy Tom Cushing via Peter Smith If you know any of these aviators, please … Continue reading Little Snoring

Little Snoring, 1945

First post April 5, 2010 This could be the start of the amazing story of the airmen of a forgotten squadron in Little Snoring. Please leave a comment… Picture taken in 1945 before the squadron was disbanded (Courtesy Tom Cushing via Peter Smith) Squadron 23 No. 23 Squadron formed at Fort Grange, Gosport on 1 … Continue reading Little Snoring, 1945

Egbert Theune’s tribute to 23 Squadron

church of Little Snoring Victories score boards of 23 and 515 squadron inside the church of Little Snoring. War memorial with name of Philip on it inside the church of Hickling church of Hickling Michael William O’BRIEN _ Christ Church, Oxford (PDF file) 23 Squadron Michael O’Brien (PDF file) Reichswald Forest War Cemetery

Squadron Leader O’Brien’s and Flight Lieutenant Disney’s Flight Log

Squadron Leader O’Brien’s name as well as his navigator’s appear on the Victory Board. I never thought of searching for these two airmen before this week, even if I had seen this victory board as well as another one in 2010. I did know if Squadron Leader O’Brien and Flight Lieutenant Disney had survived the … Continue reading Squadron Leader O’Brien’s and Flight Lieutenant Disney’s Flight Log