How I came to write about this blog?

It all started in January 2010 with a simple request about a French-Canadian Mosquito pilot…

EPSON scanner Image

To be continued…?

Hi there, my grandad was Eric Maude and flew with Griff.

Rick Maude Mechanic Theodore Griffiths mod

Eric Maude, unknown ground crew and Theo Griffiths

Who remembers Eugène Gagnon?

Eugene Gagnoncollection Ghislaine Laporte, Eugène’s fiancée

All the people who have visited this blog since April 2010.

Little Snoring - June or July 19451945

collection Tom Cushing via Peter Smith

All the people who have visited this blog since April 2010, and found relatives who were associated with 23 Squadron like Paul Beaudet’s daughter.

Paul Beaudet group picture

collection Peter Smith

Paul Beaudet who was George Stewart’s navigator.

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart 1

People who had never heard about this French-Canadian Mosquito pilot, immortalized with a caricature done by Pat Rooney.

caricature d'Eugène Gagnon

Who remembers Donald Hepworth Bentley and Sergeant Causeway?

Bentley and Causeway

Theo Griffiths and his son-in-law who has shared all his step-father’s war souvenirs.

Rick Maude and Theodore Griffiths mod

Rick Maude and Theo Griffiths

collection Theo Griffiths

a-flight-23-squadron-naples-10-november-1943-bwcollection Theo Griffiths




Who’s Joe anyway?

I don’t know if Rich Cooper knows the answer.

Just Joe III close-up

We know all about Just Joe III.

Just Joe III

The dragon was for Theo’s Welsh roots, and the policeman’s helmet was for Ric Maude, Theo’s navigator.

This is a montage to pay homage to that crew.

Theo and Ric montage

I edited the Mosquito on this picture found on the Internet.

Disc 2008 213-1

Mosquitos pictures flying over Malta are rare.

Mosquito over Malta

Speaking of pictures, Theo had a camera and permission to use it during the war…

If you have any information about 23 Squadron and you wish to share what you know, you can contact me using this form.

The story behind Just Joe

Just Joe III


I found a design on the front of a menu for Christmas dinner 1944. The emblem was a design of a Welsh dragon for Theo’s heritage and the police man’s helmet with Ric’s number. He was a serving policeman before volunteering for war service. The helmet and number can be seen in the two photographs already posted on the blog.

More to come



More to come… like this picture!

Just Joe III close-up

If you have any information about 23 Squadron and you wish to share what you know, you can contact me using this form.

Just Joe Redux

I have received new information from Rich Cooper about Just Joe. I will just put it at the end for now and come back later with a follow-up post.

Just Joe will never be Just Joe anymore.


That was the name of the Mosquito Theo Griffiths flew alongside Ric Maude.

Just Joe III and George Sutcliffe

This is not Ric Maude but George Sutcliffe alongside Just Joe III.

There were many Just Joes.

This is Just Joe II with Theo.

Just Joe 2 mod bw

Pilots called this a prang.

This is another view of Just Joe II.

Just Joe 3 mod bw

This next picture is Just Joe I.


Theodore Griffiths is alongside HX 868

This time Just Joe I was pranged by F/S Shattock and P/O Sutcliffe. This is most probably the plane Theo ferried to Malta…

HX 868.

image 3

That particular Mosquito had a bad reputation. Pilots did not want to fly it. To say that it was pranged intentionally would be an understatement.


Just Joe III