Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris

Flight Lieutenant JB Harris

J.B. Harris was sitting next to Hugh Boland all this time on this old picture taken on July 1945.


In 2010 this is all I had about 23 Squadron.

Then I got this from Peter Smith who got it from Tom Cushing.

July 1945 Boland

A much clearer picture.

And a much closer look at Hugh Boland’s pilot.

Harris and Boland

I wonder what Hugh was looking at?

Hugh Boland’s pilot – Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris

This is another artifact.

A simple envelope.


Every artifact that was saved by Dean Cahill has its own story like Hugh Boland’s report card.

Dean Cahill was cleaning up a store room during a weekend and he saved all the artifacts I posted last time. There are more to come because Peter Smith is still scanning all that Dean gave him.

Everything will be posted on this blog, and everything will be analysed.

Someday a relative of Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris, or Hugh Boland, will find this blog like Dean Cahill did, and he or she will share what they know about Hugh Boland’s pilot.

We have little to go on right now, but we can wait.