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Peter Neil used the search engine on this blog to find all I wrote about his father.

I am one of Ron Neil’s sons, and recognized the photo having seen an original many years ago. My father died suddenly in 1969 (aged 46) but we were all well acquainted with his joining the RAF at a very young age. He didn’t make much of his war experience but we held him in some awe for his willingness to leave New Zealand, train in Canada and serve in Great Britain.

Berry and Neil

Al Berry and his pilot Ron Neil

Collection Paul Beaudet via Diane Beaudet Carlucci


Collection Paul Beaudet via Diane Beaudet Carlucci

Pilots and navigators - Al Berry (N) and his pilot Ron Neil both from the RNZAF

Collection Paul Beaudet via Diane Beaudet Carlucci

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P/O R. A. (Ron) Neil RNZAF – Redux

This is the post, written on August 30th, 2010, where Neil’s grandnephew wrote his comment on June 13th, 2014.
Hard to make up such a story isn’t?

RAF 23 Squadron

Not many people visit this blog.

But I don’t mind…

Someday, someone will write a comment about his grandfather who served in the RAF.

Remember P/O R. A. (Ron) Neil.

George Stewart who was 19 years-old in 1944 did.

George Stewart on nose

I sent George this little montage  I made with Paul Beaudet’s pictures shared by his daughter Diane…

Here’s George Stewart reply…

Indeed you do have Al’s pilot P/O Ron Neil.

Now we are getting somewhere to find P/O Ron Neil’s relatives.

Pilot Officer Neil was with the RNZAF.

Now we have identified three of the four airmen on this picture.

Berry, unknown, Beaudet and Neil…

Do you know the fourth one?

George does…

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