Tony Marks Is Just a Name

Tony Marks is just a name on a scoreboard probably taken down by Johnny Rivaz when 23 Squadron flew its last operational sortie.

Operational record 004

Johnny Rivaz collection

That’s what Peter Smith thinks.

Tony Marks is also just a name on a picture in a family album…

23 Squadron end of the war 3

Gosling family collection

Tony Marks was Ted Gosling’s pilot, and he is buzzing Little Snoring.

Operational record montage

I would like to show you who he is on that picture, but for now Tony Marks is just a name…

For now that is… waiting for a relative to find this blog about 23 Squadron and pay homage to Tony Marks who is just a name.

photo 23 Squadron Crest

Gosling family collection

Waiting for a relative, or someone who knew him, just like members of Ted Gosling’s family who are now sharing precious artefacts to pay homage to their grandather Flight Lieutenant Edwin Lawrence Gosling, Tony Marks’ navigator. 

Flight Lieutenant Edwin Lawrence Gosling is not just a name on a scoreboard taken down when 23 Squadron flew its last operational sortie. The whole cyberworld knows who he is.

23 Squadron Gosling Memorial

Gosling family collection

23 Squadron Gosling Info

Gosling family collection

Ted Gosling is now much more than just a name on a scoreboard thanks to the information shared.

For now Flight Lieutenant Tony Marks remains just a name… eternally buzzing the airfield at Little Snoring on the day 23 Squadron was disbanded.

Tony Marks

Just the name of someone who would like some help from his relatives to land his Mosquito…

Tony Marks buzzing the airfield