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I strongly suspect Ron Neil is my great uncle Ronald Arthur Neil (my grandfathers brother)! I only just heard he flew Mosquitos and then stumbled across this amazing resource. I’m getting family members to look at the photos to confirm.


Berry and Neil

Al Berry and Ron Neil

Chronology: 535 Squadron RAF Ercall, Shropshire from 2 September 1942 to 21 January 1943

George Stewart Hough’s relatives have been found…
Well it’s more they found this blog.


RAF 23 Squadron

Always interesting to receive information from Robert Harris. It’s a great way to reach out for people related to the airmen found in R.C. Harris’ s logbook or on a few of his pictures.

535 airmen pilots

We now know that the picture above is about 535 Squadron.

Robert added this information about this squadron.

R.C Harris – 535 Squadron RAF Ercall, Shropshire from 02/09/1942 to 21/01/1943.

Aircraft/glider flown in:

Havoc II,

Boston III,

Tiger Moth,

Airspeed Horsa,

Havoc flights x 14

Boston flights x 63

Tiger Moth x 1

Horsa x 1

Aircraft numbers:

Havoc – AH450 , AH479. 

Boston – AL707, W8309, Z2214, W8227, W8393, Z2214. 

Tiger Moth – DE489. 

Horsa – no number.

Number of flights (in all aircraft): 79. 

Flights lasting one hour or less:  30.

Night flights: 35.

Flying Hours:-

Total Flying Hours with 535 Squadron







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Comments are always most welcomed…

Even on a post published in 2011.

Sticky Murphy

My name is Captain Leo Tabone, South African Airways – Alan Murphy’s grandson Marcus Hanekom is a good friend of mine and we are sometimes rostered to fly together as a crew, he is a very capable and professional pilot and ‘Sticky’ Murphy would be very proud of his grandson following in his footsteps – one night at 40 000 feet over the Atlantic Marcus told me about his grandfather, his exploits which I really enjoyed – He has his grandfather’s logbook, medals and memorabilia proudly displayed in his study today, a tribute to a great and brave airman.


Who remembers Eugène Gagnon?

Eugene Gagnoncollection Ghislaine Laporte, Eugène’s fiancée

All the people who have visited this blog since April 2010.

Little Snoring - June or July 19451945

collection Tom Cushing via Peter Smith

All the people who have visited this blog since April 2010, and found relatives who were associated with 23 Squadron like Paul Beaudet’s daughter.

Paul Beaudet group picture

collection Peter Smith

Paul Beaudet who was George Stewart’s navigator.

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart 1

People who had never heard about this French-Canadian Mosquito pilot, immortalized with a caricature done by Pat Rooney.

caricature d'Eugène Gagnon

Who remembers Donald Hepworth Bentley and Sergeant Causeway?

Bentley and Causeway

Theo Griffiths and his son-in-law who has shared all his step-father’s war souvenirs.

Rick Maude and Theodore Griffiths mod

Rick Maude and Theo Griffiths

collection Theo Griffiths

a-flight-23-squadron-naples-10-november-1943-bwcollection Theo Griffiths




Who remembers Donald Hepworth Bentley?

How I came to write about this Mosquito pilot…?


A comment left on this blog November 29, 2013.

I have just located this site on my iPad. My relative, Donald Hepworth Bentley, was a Flight Sergeant with 23 Squadron based at Luca in Malta. His navigator was a Sergeant Causeway. They were both killed September 1943 and are buried together in the cemetery in San Marino. The grave has the propeller from the Mosquito mounted on it.

I have photos if any one interested.
They were 23 years old and had trained in Canada.

Sent from my iPad

photo 3

Collection  Paul Guy


Tom Hardy and Sophie, Paul Guy’s daughter

Collection  Tom Hardy and Sophie Guy

How I got this picture?

A comment made last week…

Hi Pierre,

This was taken a couple of days ago. Sophie is the daughter of Paul Guy whose uncle was Donald Bentley, I see that he sent some photos and information regarding Donald previously. Sophie is with her husband Tom, my son. Was so pleased that they made the effort to remember him. They also did their best to choose flowers that were in Donald’s footbal team colours – Claret and Amber, Bradford City (he was from Wyke, a district of Bradford).

Best wishes and regards.

Tim Hardy


Looking for Flight Lieutenant Tom Martin?

Looking for Flight Lieutenant Tom Martin who was in Course 35 at No. 51 O.T.U. in Cranfield?


And then with RAF 68 Squadron…

Tom Martin

collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly U.S. Navy

Kelly and Martin

collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly U.S. Navy

Kelly Martin back

collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly U.S. Navy

Tom Martin back

collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly U.S. Navy

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