How to Search for Unsung Heroes on This Blog?

Use the search button on the right side to look for someone’s name among more than 400 posts I wrote about this RAF squadron.


Use the comment section or the contact form below to write to me like someone whose grandfather was Theo Griffiths’ navigator.

 Theo and Ric montage




2 thoughts on “How to Search for Unsung Heroes on This Blog?

  1. I am one of Ron Neil’s sons, and recognized the photo having seen an original many years ago. My father died suddenly in 1969 (aged 46) but we were all well acquainted with his joining the RAF at a very young age. He didn’t make much of his war experience but we held him in some awe for his willingness to leave New Zealand, train in Canada and serve in Great Britain.

    1. Peter,

      My name is Pierre, I have been writing this blog to pay homage to a French-Canadian Mosquito who served with 23 Squadron. More than 300 posts have been writing with what people shared with me and allowed me to post on this blog.
      All the pictures of your father were obtained by my readers.
      If you want to contribute, you are more than welcome.
      The more people do, the more this blog keeps flying.

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