Tribute to Alden Berry

Jake Drummond who has done extensive research on some British airmen killed in WWII contacted me this week.

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He had a picture of Al Berry with two of his friends. One friend was killed when his Lancaster shot down over Sweden. 

But Jake had something more than that picture to share with me

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Alden Berry was President of IPS in 1971 before going to Japan for some years.
He was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1920. A strong family man, father of three sons, he was a devout Christian and loving husband of Setsuko.
His early years in Japan saw him taking many portraits of children and weddings. We often had a laugh about the ‘fathers’’ of the bride making Alden repeat the whole session if the Bride and Groom were smiling!

His beautiful photos taken around Kobe and Japan often won him honours at club level and in national exhibitions. I remember the night Alden brought his young son, Ian, to join IPS whilst still in school uniform.

Alden was in the group of IPS members who travelled to China for a month some years ago. Shaw Tan, Joan Carson and Rob Burkitt all enjoyed his company on that trip.
My memory of Alden will be of a gentleman of high honour and great integrity towards his fellow man.

Editor’s Note: Alden Leonard Berry passed away peacefully on April 3, 2012.

As a final farewell to Alden Leonard Berry, these two pictures from George Stewart collection when George and Alden were together in Course No. 6 at No. 60 O.T.U.

George Stewart collection

George Stewart collection

You can recognized some familiar faces like Griff Rogers killed also in WWII with his pilot Ken Eastwood.

Lest we forget.

I wrote George Stewart about my post on Alden Leonard Berry.

George remembers Al and wrote this a few moments ago…

Al flew with Ron Neil, his pilot, and was in our hut, operating with us in our time.  Always the gentleman always a friend.

We’ll miss him.