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31 December 1944

This is the entry for the fifth mission.

It’s another Intruder mission, but after a 45 minute flight test with a Mosquito equipped with the new ASH radar seen here.

Mosquito with ASH radar

Logbook page…

logbook entry 30 December 1944

This is the Mosquito flown by Flight Lieutenant Tony Marks with Ted Gosling as the navigator.

Eugene would have been flying on a similar type of Mosquito.

ASH Radar notes

This is the scoreboard I posted before on the blog. Johnny Rivaz kept it as a souvenir after the squadron was disbanded.

Operational record final editing

Mission No. 5 is well documented.

Operational record final mission 5

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30 December 1944

This is the entry for mission 4.

R. C. Harris wrote the type of mission: Intruder.

The objective was circling around Guterslöhe airfield (Gütersloh) to attack Ju88 night-fighters stationed there which were coming back low on fuel and short of ammunition after attacking RAF heavies.

logbook entry 30 December 1944

People can’t imagine the courage needed to fly alone in the dark of night over a German airfield on a cold night in December 1944 knowing that the Germans knew you were there circling the airfield like a spider waiting for its prey…

01048 Never Say Die, low res

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Merry Christmas from R.A.F. High Ercall

Theodore Griffiths was stationed at R.A.F. High Ercall in December 1944.

menu RAF High Ercall

This is the precious memento he kept to remember the Christmas he had in 1944.

Theo is still living and he is well-taken care of. His memory is fading little by little, but his son-in-law keeps his memories alive.

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From Marten

All the posts on this navigator are here.

This model was made by Marten, Ted Gosling’s grandson.

23 Squadron Gosling Memorial

This is what he sent with these pictures.

Hi Pierre

Sorry for taking so long to get around to this, but here are the photos of the 1:48 scale Tamiya Mosquito I made as a tribute to my grandfather (Ted Gosling). I did the plane as PZ170 (YP-D) as this was the one he did his freshman flight in.

I also found (on ebay) an ASH radar conversion kit for those lucky enough to own the mammoth Airfix 1:24 Mosquito, here is the link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alley-Cat-1-24-Mosquito-FB-Mk-VI-ASH-Radar-Conv-Set-for-Airfix-AC24001C-/181277008417?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item2a34f3a221

Thanks again for this blog, it is great to have the word of 23 squadron spreading!

All the best and have a great Christmas

Marten Richens


Merry Christmas

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