Sharing what we know is so wonderful…

Have you read Diane’s comment about her father?

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Sharing is so wonderful.

Now let’s share a little.

This is Peter Smith.

Peter Smith (Courtesy Peter Smith)

Peter paid a visit to George Stewart.

George Stewart and Peter Smith (Courtesy Peter Smith)

Peter wanted to meet George. He learned back in 2006 that his father was a Mosquito pilot with No. 23 Squadron.

Peter is writing a book about his father and all the comrades his father knew.

George was one of them…

(Courtesy Peter Smith)

So was Eugène Gagnon…

(Courtesy Tom Cushing)

Lest we forget…

Hey… We’re a team… revisited

I wrote a similar article quite a long time ago…

Peter Smith and I are a team just like Paul Beaudet and George Stewart were.

Peter lives in England and I live in Canada.

Peter is now in the process of writing a book on No. 23 Squadron, and I am writing this blog.

Together we pay homage to these fine airmen.

Read my articles… You will learn a lot about this forgotten squadron.

As we go along, we will keep you up to date on our findings.

Lest we forget.

No. 23 Squadron alive and well…

Got a message from Paul Beaudet’s granddaughter.

Hi there,

Paul Beaudet was my grandfather.

He did not often talk about his time in the war. Perhaps he did with my mother and her brothers and sisters.

Now and then he would recollect to me the train bombings and what it was like to fly the night missions – what he would see, the cold in the plane, the waiting on something to happen and then the action when it did and how when it was all done they would fly back to the base and hang out.

We have taken his medals and awards and had them framed – a proud reflection of his service.

You can feel her granddaughter is so proud of her grandfather.

That’s what this blog is all about… keeping their memories alive.