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Hugh kept this letter all his life.

Dean Cahill found it among other earth shattering artifacts. I had a hard time finding who had written Hugh on December 15, 1944.

December 1944 that when Eugene Gagnon joined 23 Squadron. So this is somewhat precious because Eugene Gagnon is the reason I wrote this blog.

I don’t know if Hugh had any children.


In my research yesterday I found Hugh Boland married Miss Tate. I don’t know her first name. What I know though is that a Doreen was much interested in Hugh.


That telegram was sent on April 19, 1943.

Doreen was not the only one interested in Hugh as you can see with this letter from a WAFF.

IMG_0010 IMG_0011

This looks like a letter from Doreen Oates a WAFF in RAF Colerne.

So Miss Tate who married Hugh can’t be Doreen.



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Dean Cahill’s collection – New earth shattering artifacts

This title is pun intended in a way.

I will show Hugh Boland’s new earth shattering artifacts after this original post about a navigator who flew with 23 Squadron.

Original post

Dean Cahill has found some artifacts that belonged to Hugh Boland.


Hugh Boland

We all know a little bit about Hugh.

Hugh Boland

Peter Smith is now in the process of processing all this information so we can post more stories about this navigator.

As you can imagine Peter has a lot of work before him. When he is done, I will share everything.

Meanwhile you can view these artifacts.

call sign

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 11


photo 22

photo 33

photo 44

End of the original post

Peter Smith just sent me these new scans with this message.  

It is nothing earth shattering I’m afraid, but it is all opened out, put flat, recorded so there is a record-he shall not disappear into history quite yet!!

In my next series of posts I will see if we can’t find anything earth shattering.

You can always contact me using this form like Dean Cahill once did on this blog.

Hugh Boland’s pilot – Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris

This is another artifact.

A simple envelope.


Every artifact that was saved by Dean Cahill has its own story like Hugh Boland’s report card.

Dean Cahill was cleaning up a store room during a weekend and he saved all the artifacts I posted last time. There are more to come because Peter Smith is still scanning all that Dean gave him.

Everything will be posted on this blog, and everything will be analysed.

Someday a relative of Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris, or Hugh Boland, will find this blog like Dean Cahill did, and he or she will share what they know about Hugh Boland’s pilot.

We have little to go on right now, but we can wait.


Hove High School

Might be related to Hugh’s school days.


Hove’s Old Schools – Hove High School
by Judy Middleton

Published originally in Tales of the Old Hove Schools (1991) revised 2012

There seems to have been a school at 49 Clarendon Villas as soon as the building was erected in the 1880s. It is still there and just as imposing with its yellow brick and red brick dressings rising to four storeys. Above the front entrance there is a curious female torso jutting out like an old ship’s figurehead. In October 2012 the building looked somewhat forlorn as it was swathed in scaffolding and plastic sheeting while yellow leaves scudded about the steps.

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