You will not find much information on the Internet about this RAF squadron that operated in Little Snoring during WWII.

This blog is dedicated to all the men of No. 23 Squadron of the RAF that were stationed at Little Snoring, in England, from 1944 to 1945.

One of these men was Eugène Gagnon who flew 33 night missions over Germany.

Eugène Gagnon was a French-Canadian born in Bromptonville, a small town north of Sherbrooke, in Quebec, Canada.

He is even less well known than No. 23 Squadron, but trust me on this, he will become as famous as Pat Rooney who drew his caricature at Little Snoring.

Eugène Gagnon DFC

“Only the best pilots flew the Mosquito.”

This blog will pay homage to him, to Tommy Smith another Mosquito pilot shot down over Germany and everyone I can find who flew or served in this squadron.

You can share with me and my readers what you know about No. 23 Squadron.

Just add a comment and I will get in touch or you can contact me using this form.

Lest we forget

54 thoughts on “Presentation

  1. Hi, I’m after any info about Bill Goody. I know he was stationed at Little Snoring and was with 23 Squadron. Have you any details please. Maybe even a picture?



  2. Hi, my father-in-law was in 23 Squadron.
    His name was Hector Goldie. Any information about him would be gratefully received.

    We know he was in Malta in 1943.
    He died in 1972.

    Many thanks


  3. My father-in-law is Theodore Griffiths DFC. He was a Mosquito pilot with 23 Squadron and his navigator was a Rick Maude. Any memories copies of photographs would be much appreciated. Theo suffers from Alzeimers and vascular dementia but is still able to recall his time with the squadron.
    Richard Cooper

    1. Theo Griffiths was also a Mossie pilot with 418 Squadron for a while in 1943 while the squadron was at Ford. I’d be interested in finding out more about him.
      Cliff Adams, 418 Squadron Association

      1. I can send you everything Rich Cooper sent me and also give you his e-mail.
        I was going to write about Theo with 418 using what little I have.
        I will contact Rich and see if Theo has pictures of that period.


  4. Hello. I am a librarian in Florida and I am doing some research for a patron. The patron has come across one of Eugene Gagnon’s journals from around 1943. He would like to get it back to the Gagnon family. Please email me if you can be of any assistance. Thank you very much and keep up the great work on this website.

    1. Mr. or Ms. Casey D. Your effort to return the journal’s to the Gagnon family is commendable, and once done, I’m sure will be appreciated beyond words. I have compiled extensive information from personal research executed since 1998. In an effort to gain insight into further expanding my research efforts, I would appreciate communicating with you. I have included my name and email address in this message. Please allow me to thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer. Kind regards …

  5. Tommy Smith was indeed a brave man…he had the courage to allow me to marry his eldest daughter!

    Another notable member of 23 squadron was the young Douglas Bader. He lost both his legs after crashing a 23 Squadron Bristol Bulldog during an unauthorised aerobatic display at a civilian aeroclub at Woodley, near Reading, in 1931when only 21 years old.

    I have very fond memories of Tommy Smith who was an inspiration to us all.

    Richard Benson QC

  6. Hello Pierre,

    I saw your article about Flying Officer J.A.E. Gagnon and Flying Officer R.C. Harris who had airfield Twente as a target on December 12 1944 but could not complete the mission due to the weather with a link to my site (thank you for that). Do you have more information on Mosquitos that had Twente as a target? The airfield was patrolled and bombed frequently by Mosquitos during the war.

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