December 1944

This is part of what was sent by someone who found my blog about 23 Squadron.Eugene Gagnon missions December 1944

This person was related to this pilot.

Flight Lieutenant Thomas

He found what I had written about Flight Lieutenant Frank Thomas and he liked what he saw.

Click here if you want to see what he saw. 

So he sent me Eugene Gagnon’s operational sorties when he was with 23 Squadron. It was the most precious information I had received. Then someone else found my blog.

Eugene Gagnon’s navigator’s son wrote me. He scanned almost all of his father’s logbook pages so I could post them here.

This is the first mission they did: the Freshman mission.

Mission 1

mission 1

Mission 2

mission 2

But the page with the entry for mission 3 is missing, as well as all the missions in January and February 1945.

Sometimes I think I am taken this story about a French-Canadian Mosquito pilot too seriously.

This is the next logbook page for entries about missions 4 and 5.

logbook entry 30 December 1944

We will take a look at them later on the dates they were flown 69 years ago.

If you have any information about 23 Squadron and you wish to share what you know, you can contact me using this form.


One thought on “December 1944

  1. Pierre – Isn’t the Internet amazing when you get information that you would have no other way of coming across except through the internet? How much more complete the story can be with these additions. Keep up the good work.

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