Training Logbooks

Rich wrote this message along with some pages of Theo’s logbooks and more pictures.

Theo started his flying career in Americus Georgia.

This picture is most interesting.

The caption says 1947, but it’s in fact 1941.


This is the proof.


Americus, Georgia?


In World War I, an Army Air Service training facility, Souther Field (now Jimmy Carter Regional Airport), was commissioned northeast of the city limits.Charles A. Lindbergh, the “Lone Eagle,” bought his first airplane and made his first solo flight there during a two-week stay in May 1923. Recommissioned for World War IISouther Field was used for RAF pilot training (1941–1942)[8] as well as US pilot training before ending the war as a German prisoner-of-war camp. The town was incorporated in 1832, and the name Americus was picked out of a hat.[9]

The rest of Rich’s message…

For some reason he had three logbooks, a Canadian Air Force logbook, the smaller what I take to be a trainee logbook issued at the flying school and a Royal Air Force flying log. Pete Smith seems to think it was probably due to conflict with a superior officer that made Theo copy all his records from his RCAF logbook to his RAF one, possibly at Little Snoring.



One of my favourite stories from Theo arose when we had a chat years ago about learning to fly. I was always keen to learn myself but talking to Theo I said my main fear was getting airborne and getting lost. Theo said most people actually did at some time in training and he in fact did get lost and landed in a field to try and get his bearings. Several black field hands rushed up to his aircraft offering assistance, when Theo asked if they knew where his airfield promptly moved his aircraft to face the position Theo needed to go, Theo took off and found his way home.

Fiction or not but a nice tale.

More about Americus on this site.


I discovered that the Arnold Scheme was a 3-phase flying training programme. Training took place in three separate flying stages Primary, Basic and Advanced, all within the huge area of SEACTC. The Southeast area stretching across the large US States of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. Primary flying courses were undertaken over nine to ten weeks (60 hours) at civilian contract schools. Instructors were experienced American pilots equipped with Boeing ‘Stearman’ PT-17 biplanes. Primary flying courses were located at Camden in South Carolina; Albany & Americus in Georgia; Arcadia & Lakeland in Florida; and Tuscaloosa in Alabama. In May 1942, I joined Class 42J at the Americus Flying School in Georgia, flying the Stearman aircraft on which I ‘ground looped’ when flying solo. Being moved to an upper class I was given rank of cadet corporal.



10 thoughts on “Training Logbooks

      • People think about WWII through the eyes of Hollywood and John Wayne.
        Few movies really depict the reality though more pictures were made after like the Pacific series which I cannot watch.
        Too painfull to watch.
        When you get old you get more sensitive.
        Before I could watch war movies while having dinner.
        That’s what my wife told me.
        Times are changing.
        About your last post…
        Five stars.
        I nominate you on my blogs as Number One Blogger.

      • First time I hear that expression…
        silver-tongued devil.
        I will have to look for the French equivalent.


        Wikipedia says…

        Silver tongue is an expression used to describe a person who has a clever way with words. The phrase is mentioned in Proverbs 10:20 as a tongue that belongs to a just person (one who is upright in word and deed).

        But no equivalence in French. Darn!

      • They say in French…

        La langue du juste

        The tongue of the just

        The proverb also says…

        20 The tongue of the righteous is choice silver, but the heart of the wicked is of little value.

      • Wow! That’s quite a compliment…

        I am often asked:

        How did you get that nickname “The Silver Tongued Devil”??
        As a professional educator and public speaker, there was a very nice lady who was attended my lectures as much as possible and was so supportive of me, telling everyone she knew that they ‘just had to’ attend my lectures.

        She referred to me as the Silver Tongued Devil, because she felt that I imparted fascinating information and could help people reach profoundly significant insights, but that I sometimes resorted to mischievous or devilish (I would say ‘playful’) measures in order to do so. And other folks followed suit. It just caught on. I was flattered by the praise. However, I always keep in mind that the Devil was Our Lord’s favorite Angel until The Arrogant Angel tried to Play God. Once he did that, Our Lord banished him to the Netherworld of Hades. I tend to prefer warm climates, but it is as hot as Hell down there. In fact, it is …. Hell.

      • Remember that I am a translator.
        I have to be pernickety… if this is the right word to use.
        In French we say pointilleux.

        pernickety [pəˈnɪkɪtɪ] US, persnickety
        adj Informal
        1. excessively precise and attentive to detail; fussy
        2. (of a task) requiring close attention; exacting
        [originally Scottish, of unknown origin]
        pernicketiness US, persnicketiness n

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